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New Midwest Independent Musician Platform

The Local Hai channel was put together for our brilliant music  community here in Springfield MO. Listen to your favorite local artist or send us a track!.

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Original Music Only No Covers At This Time

I declare I have rights to send attached music to The Flippedside for non-paid promotional airplay

Please Attach:
1. .MP3 Audio File
2. Album Art Image (If any)
Please Mention:
1. Song Title
2. Artist Name
3. Album Name (If any)
4. Genre

File Format:
1. The audio file format has to.MP3 file/s
2. File properly named like this: ”Artist Name – Song name .mp3” (this very is important for ”NOW PLAYING” song display)
3. Album Art Image/Artist´s picture (.jpg, jpeg .png)
4. Always write “SONG SUBMISSION” as a subject of the message.
5. If files over 10MB then upload your files to Google Drive/Dropbox/WeTransfer and send us to download link.

By sending us songs to our email  you agree to play them as non-paid promotional airplay in The Flipped Side and in all affiliates. The Flipped Side will not copy, edit and play shortened versions of your songs in radio spots and shows mixed with other audio files to promote your music to the broader listener´s base with out expressed permissions from the Artist. The Flipped Side DOES NOT ALLOW ANY AUDIO DOWNLOAD FROM ITS RADIO BROADCASTING.

You can terminate your submission by written notice.

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