Your Local Brew Podcast Pilot!

Raise Your Glass to the Best of the Brews!

After months of planning, panting, kicking , crying and screaming Your Local Brew kicked off it’s interactive game show with a roar from two of Springfield’s greatest local artists.   Flipped Side was there to share in the fun as Eddie Gumucio and Mark Barger danced their way through trivia questions that culminated in a hilarious compilation from the two singer/song writers.

Three hosts helped to pull the audience through the different rounds of games and trivia that were interspersed with live performances from Gumucio and Barger.  Hailey Paige spends her day managing events at the ever flowing White River Brewing Company while Brett Baker and Mike Ireland attempt to forge a strong community through a local not for profit called The Community Band Room.

The show was highly entertaining regardless of the tech slips.  “We’re just getting our feet planted,” Brett told The Flipped Side, “this is why you make pilots.  I think our friends and families liked watching us screw up.”

Aside from the hiccups that come with a fledgling program you can see a new platform  for musicians beginning to grow.  Your favorite local artists can finally showcase their skill while being able to interact with their friends, family and fans.

Stay tuned to The Flipped Side for details on their premier and where you can buy tickets!

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Your Local Brew Podcast Pilot!

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