Your Local Brew Podcast Premier

Your Local Brew podcast premier shot out of the gates last week at White River Brewing Co.  Special guest artists Mark Barger and Tavish Lawson took to the stage captivating the live audience with their talented song writing and ingratiating personalities.

Co-hosts Brett Baker, Hailey Paige and Josh Nimmo led the pair through their live performances and a gantlet of trivia questions with audience interactions stirred into the mix. The original song produced at the end of the show was a fantastic mix of the two artists’ personalities and the audiences’ wit.  You may have been unable to attend this fun, new game show but fear not!  You can listen to the podcast today and get tickets to the next show.  Stay tuned for information on the March 8th live show here at TheFlippedSide as well as White River Brewery and The Community Band Room’s web site.

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