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Springfield’s new interactive game show featuring your favorite local artists battling it  out to write your new favorite song.
The Local Brew is an interactive game show where the audience can get to know their local musicians while participating in writing a fun original release. Our special guest artists will showcase their talent in music, games and trivia for our live audience, podcast and YouTube channel.

About the game: The audience always wins! During the show the audience will answer some fun questions. At the same  ime we’ll be trying to stump the guest musicians with a wide rage of music trivia. For every question they answer correctly, one of the audience cards will be added to the pile. The musicians will take that pile, put it together and, BAM! You win a fun, new original tune. Did I mention the prizes and giveaways during the show?! Come join us for Your Local Brew! Every 2nd Thursday Every Month @ White River Brewy


Your Local Brew EP03

Todd Osbern

Todd has lived in Springfield, Missouri, well… Forever. Todd came to music a little later in his life in college and never looked back. After 10 years as a stage musician and another 5 as a close up magician, Todd has honed his skills on and off the stage. Todd is known for his roles in the local music scene playing with Hometown Tourist and Canto 17.

Steve Ames

Born and raised in the wild corn and soybean fields of central Illinois, Steve Ames moved to the Ozarks in the magical era of the early-mid nineties. As a student at Southwest Missouri State University he studied opera and quickly rose to obscurity in the local theater scene. He purchased a beat up 1970s Fender F-25 from a pawn shop on Boonville Avenue and began a musical journey that baffles fans and historians to this very day. Ames, who’s songwriting style has been described as “quixotic” has played in a variety of bands in the Springfield region and beyond for over two decades including Hamburger Cows, the lowdown fancy, Smokin’ Herb Green & the Rollers, Uncommon Sense, Potential Grizzlies and more.


Your Local Brew ep02

Symphony Ree

Symphony Ree Smith was born in Philadelphia to a long line of circus performers. She’s a poet who found her exceptional voice with the Ukulele 3 years ago. Following her heart, she moved to Springfield and played her way into ours. You can find her every Wednesday running open mic night at The Outland Complex on South St. Support Her With Facebook Here

Justin Larkin

Justin Larkin has been an avid musician for the past 12 years. Originally from San Clemente California he bounced around, literally bouncing off trucks, and landed in Navada, MO for high school graduation. Justin brought his skill to Springfield adding to our wealth of talent playing with Mood Ring Circus for the past 4 years. You can find his music on Bandcamp


Your Local Brew ep01

Tavish Lawson

Tavish has been a working musician for the past 4 years.  He has a music theory and composition certificate from Berklee and has shared a stage with Joe Diffey and Randy Houser.  Let’s give him a warm welcome to the Rapid Room Stage! Tavish Lawson.

Mark Barger

Mark Barger has been a professional musician in Springfield for over a decade. From his early days with Bring Your Green Hat to his newest album “In The Stars” he’s been captivating audiences with his beautiful mix of funk, blues and soul. Click here for his  Youtube link and Here for his Spotify link

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